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Hello and welcome to Dark Angel Reviews. Dark Angel Reviews caters to every genre of book out there for the masses. Here you will find honest and to the point reviews from some amazingly talented people. I hope you'll check us out and give us a chance to review your work! To access buy links for the books, click on the cover in each review section to go to the publisher!





                          Dark Angels Rating System

1 Pixie-Not acceptable for our reviews. No author who is published deserves this rating

2 Pixie-This story was okay, but it didn't really do anything for me.

3 Pixies-This was a so-so book for me. I equally enjoyed/disliked this story

4 Pixies-This story was really good. It captured my interest from the beginning and left me wanting to read more very soon from the author.

5 Pixies-This book was PHENOMENAL. I loved everything about it and will be looking for tons more from this author/genre. I'd definitely give a shout out to my friends about this book!

Recommended Read-This is it's own rating and the highest we give. This is for those books that knock our socks off as readers. It is something we will re-read again and again and rave about to everyone. It will have a killer storyline that never falters, very well written character dialogue and make us feel like we're along for the ride. 



                       Black Velvet Seductions