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Phoenix Rising II


PLEASURE MASTER by Angelique Anjou


Medical Officer Anya Rambo understands her crew mates need to party. After all, they accomplished their mission in under the year they had originally planned. Unfortunately, when it looks like their ship is about to be attacked by a missile of some sort, Anya is the one who has to step  up to the plate to help save her friends. Something very interesting is in the capsule that breaches their Staging Platform—something that has caused Anya to have very erotic dreams. If only they could breach the capsule and discover exactly what's inside. Is it an alien life force, or something even better that brings Anya love such as she's never known before?


PLEASURE MASTER by Angelique Anjou provided me a well needed escape from everyday life. I was enthralled by this story. I am not a person who tends to enjoy the more sci-fi aspects of any genre, but I truly loved everything about this story. The characters are very well written and the heart-pounding adventure Anya finds herself embroiled in really kept me riveted.  Anya is the type of woman who always has to be in control. When her control over matters is ripped away, readers discover a whole new engaging persona buried deep inside her.


DEBT OF HONOR by Elizabeth Batten-Carew


When Angelica is robbed in the woman's bathroom on her way to catch a flight home, she never expects the crazy turns her life is about to take. Kidnapped against her will and brought face to face with the most gorgeous and infuriating man she's ever met, he is convinced that Angelica has brought harm to his beloved. Ordered to pay a debt to him using her body, Angelica has no choice but to join him in ecstasy. As worried as Angelica is about the mystery woman arriving to prove to Kadin that Angelica had nothing to do with her disappearance, she's equally turned on by the thought of sharing his bed.


DEBT OF HONOR is smoking hot! It made me all tingly inside. I felt so bad for Angelica. She's caught in a crazy game with a strange man and his missing lover. When she suddenly becomes his lover, she falls for him completely. She's one tough lady, that's for sure. Kadin is knock-your-socks off sexy! I wouldn't have said no to him either. DEBT OF HONOR is definitely a story to warm your cockles on a cold winter's night!


CONTACT by Jaycee Clark


When a serial hunter preys on Daxton's ex lover, he's going to see to it that the sicko never hurts another person. Unfortunately, Daxton is caught in a game of cat and mouse with the woman he's been angry at for a very long time. Will Daxton be able to get past the hurt and anguish Meredith left him with? Time is running out. A killer is on the loose and Meredith's his next target.


CONTACT by Jaycee Clark is heart-stopping excellent. I haven't read a romantic suspense in a long time that kept my interest like Ms. Clark's did. I loved Daxon—sometimes witty, but always a knight in shining armor, he is definitely what being a hero is all about. Meredith is a wonderful character—funny, engaging and fed up with crap! She wants her life back the way it was, with Dax. It's going to take some work to get him to forgive her though. The romance between Dax and Meredith is just as mind-blowing as the fear running through their veins in regards to the serial killer. I will be recommending Jaycee Clark's books to friends for a very long time!




Lucian is determined to find his mate, even though it means leaving his magic filled home of Drahcir behind to do it. He recognizes his mate as soon as he sees her, but he wants to go slowly with her. Watching Isabelle for weeks, he falls more and more in love with her. Unfortunately, thanks to a ticked off Fae's curse, Isabelle has to willingly walk into the kingdom by herself. Waiting for her is the hardest thing Lucian has ever had to do, but he knows that she is definitely worth the wait. However, time is running out…


PRINCE OF DESIRE by Donna Grant is paranormal at its very best. I was completely enthralled with the storyline and the characters. I'm totally in love with Lucian. He is absolutely exquisite—gorgeous, sexy and he goes after his mate with a resolve more men could learn from! Isabelle has no idea what she's gotten herself in to with Lucian. That's sure as heck not stopping her from following her heart, which totally melted mine. These two are a match made in Heaven. If you're looking for a paranormal romance that will sweep you off your feet and take your breath away, PRINCE OF DESIRE is definitely the story for you.




Alan is head over heels in love with Katie. She makes his body tremble and do things no other woman has ever made it do. Camping with her, hiking through the woods, is the hardest thing Alan has ever done. Being in such close proximity is driving him insane. Unfortunately, he's hiding something from Katie—he's a shape-shifting wolf. There is no way his pack would ever approve of him mating with a human. Would they?


MATING BEHAVIOR is a top of the line paranormal romance as only Mandy M. Roth can deliver. This is such a heart-breaking yet uplifting romance story that will leave readers crying out for more!  A paranormal version of Romeo and Juliet, Alan and Katie are from two different worlds. I couldn't wait to discover Katie's reaction to Alan's being a wolf. I didn't know whether she'd fight for him or run away screaming. You can never go wrong with a story from this amazing author and I'll be recommending this story to everyone!


PHOENIX RISING II is a wonderful collection from several different genres. From historical romance to paranormal romance, this collection is sure to have readers on their feet applauding for a job well done. Some of the best authors ever have gathered to add their amazing talents to PHOENIX RISING II so make sure you don't miss out on reading this!



Amanda Haffery



AUTHOR: Angelique Anjou, Elizabeth Batten-Carew, Jaycee Clark, Donna Grant, Mandy M. Roth

PUBLISHER: New Concepts Publishing

ISBN: 1-58608-882-3

FORMAT: Print/Ebook

RELEASE DATE: October 2006

GENRE: Erotic/Anthology

RATING: 5 Pixies