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Dragon Elementals 2: Deep Water by Stella & Audra Price

Bryn isn't your ordinary woman—she's an ice demon. Bryn is very lonely, she never finds herself having interaction with any of her kind. Working at the resort as a cliff jumper reels in all the tourist men, but Bryn wantsno, needs—something more. When she meets a strange man on the pathway back to her room, Bryn's life turns even more extraordinary than it already is. Tall, gorgeous and sinfully sexy, this man is everything Bryn has been craving.


Kael has his own secrets to hide. Although he hates demons, he's finding himself extremely attracted to Bryn—although he won't tell her exactly what he is. It's not that he isn't interested—he wants Bryn with a ferocious intensity. Her element calls to his and he's helpless to resist her call. Kael is his own creature, and he'll do anything to keep Bryn from finding out what he is. In the meantime, he'll seduce her and play her body like a finely tuned instrument.


DEEP WATER by Stella and Audra Price is a monumental hit! Second in the Dragon Elementals series, this story can definitely stand alone, however, I suggest reading the entire series because it's so fabulous! In a world where humans and demons co-exist, unknowingly to most humans, Bryn finds herself terribly lonely. She wants someone to play with, someone that will make her heart race and her body turn to goo with just one look. When she meets Kael, he strikes something in her that she can't resist or walk away from. Secrets or not, she wants Kael. Kael, on the other hand, has an agenda. He doesn't like the way he feels about Bryn, but he's still going to have her one way or another. Their interaction adds a great depth of drama to the story. The passion that explodes between them left me hot and bothered long after finishing. Stella and Audra are wickedly talented and I never find myself bored with them. No two stories are ever the same. If you're looking for an awesome paranormal romance that will knock your socks off, look no further than DEEP WATER!


Amanda Haffery


AUTHOR: Stella and Audra Price

PUBLISHER: Tease Publishing

ISBN: 978-1934678176


RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2008

GENRE: Erotic Paranormal

RATING: 5 Pixies


Caging Kat by Kayleigh Jamison

Every year the Gods of Olympus hold a masquerade ball and invite a few lucky, yet unaware people to attend. Ares has invited Kat, a high profile thief who he has wanted since the first moment he saw her. Pursuing Kat for the last several years, Ares will not let her go without a fight and who better to win than the God of War?


After losing her house in a freak accident Kat must go on the hunt again to reclaim all she's lost. The invitation to a masquerade ball is the perfect place to steal enough high dollar items to set Kat back on the path of wealth. Too late, Kat begins to realize she was lured to the ball by Ares, who has a challenge of his own. Kat can either find a hidden priceless jewel in the mansion by dawn, and leave with it, or if she fails, she must give herself to Ares. Kat must chose which is more important: A man who makes her blood heat with longing or a mythical jewel worth more money than she has ever had.


Witty dialogue and a quick tongued heroine make CAGING KAT a saucy, sexy read. Steamy scenes and plenty of sexual tension heat up every page. I could barely read fast enough! Fast, furious and provocative, I never lost sight of the characters or plot. Ares is a strong, mouth-watering male and Kat is a strong and confident female who never backs down from a challenge. The constant bid for power between them is entertaining and kept me on my toes. I never knew who would come out the victor. The unpredictability of CAGING KAT was enthralling and gave me a surprise at every turn. Kayleigh Jamison did a great job of mixing a little fun with a heavy dose of naughtiness. The only regret I have is the story ended so soon!


Twila King


AUTHOR: Kayleigh Jamison

PUBLISHER: Tease Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-934678-83-1



GENRE: Erotic/Paranormal

RATING: 4 Pixies






Wolf Tales VI by Kate Douglas

Eve has come home—back to the place of her birth. She doesn't know why she felt such a strong need to return, but here she sits in a crappy motel room where nothing wonderful has happened yet. She's not quite sure if she really felt a need to return home, or if she felt a need to run from Adam Wolf and the Chanku legacy. Finding out she's able to turn into a wolf at will would definitely scare a girl. What are even worse are her feelings for Adam. She needs time away to figure out what to do. It's not just Adam that Eve is concerned about—their pack mate, and lover, Oliver, also has to be considered. Eve has also developed pretty strong feelings for him.


When Eve discovers a beaten down young woman stealing food at the local gas station, Eve finds herself incredibly drawn to the beautiful woman. When Eve realizes that she actually knew Mei when they were young children growing up in the seedier part of town, she realizes that maybe Mei is the reason she was drawn home. Mei definitely recognizes the beautiful Eve. When Eve and Mei give into their passion for each other, Eve realizes there is definitely something intriguing about Mei. It's something she can't quite put her finger on, however. She's not sure if she's Chanku or something more. Eve realizes she's never been attracted so strongly to a woman before, but is afraid of scaring the younger woman away before Adam and Oliver arrive. Maybe they'll know what to make of this irresistible woman. In the meantime, Eve and Mei are definitely going to have some fun together!


WOLF TALES VI is by far the most amazing story in this series. I am left completely in awe and dumbstruck by Kate Douglas' ability to draw me in time and time again with each installment. Eve, Adam, Oliver and Mei are some of the most breathtaking characters we have encountered yet as readers. Between mind-blowing sensual love scenes, a killer plot line and wonderful romances blooming between the characters, I feel like I've been carried away to a dream world. Kate's depictions of the scenes are so clear I feel like I'm right there with each of the characters. The sex scenes between the characters always make me feel like a voyeur, in a good way of course! There are some wickedly divine surprises in this book that are going to knock your socks off. I was blown away by the twist Kate added. If you're looking for a strong erotic romance with paranormal elements, great character interaction and a well woven web of intrigue, WOLF TALES VI is definitely the story for you. I do strongly suggest, however, that you read all these books in order at some point. You really get a feel for the Chanku world and all its characters this way. You can never go wrong with a Kate Douglas book and I will be telling everyone how wonderful this one was.

Amanda Haffery


AUTHOR: Kate Douglas

PUBLISHER: Aphrodisia

ISBN: 9780758218711


RELEASE DATE: June 24, 2008

GENRE: Erotic Paranormal

RATING: Recommended Read