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My Love, Forever by Kate Hofman

Prince Lysandros of Patrai is a long way from home. Having been exiled from Greece due to warring and a death threat, Lysandros is making France his temporary home. Yearning to return to his homeland, Lysandros wishes with every fiber of his being that the traitors responsible for his exile will be dealt with swiftly. That is, until the day he meets a young French archaeologist, unlike any woman he has encountered before.


When Genevieve meets Lysandros she has no idea he is the Prince of Greece and her new suitor has no intention of revealing his true identity. Lysandros soon begins to court the beautiful and wholesome Genevieve. As their relationship becomes serious, Lysandros starts to realize he may have made the biggest mistake of his life by lying.


Set in 1949, MY LOVE, FOREVER delivers a story of two people separated by their circumstances but connected in their hearts. The writing in this book is almost whimsical in it’s design. The desire and emotion between the characters is authentic and at times euphoric leaving the audience feeling as if they are a part of the story. Genevieve and Lysandros’s trials in their relationship speak to the heart of readers. The villains were expertly written and echo real life. While repetitious at times, passionate scenes and heartfelt dialogue create a sincere, fairy-tale story that is sure to grab your attention and keep you thinking about the characters long after you have gone.


Twila King


AUTHOR: Kate Hofma

PUBLISHER: Dark Castle Lords

ISBN: 978-1-921347-48-1


RELEASE DATE: February 2008

GENRE: Historical Romance

RATING: 4 Pixies




The Ice Palace by Bill Haworth

Prince Mikhail is happy with his life; he has a beautiful wife and is doing wonderful things as ambassador in Italy. But when Tsaritsa Anne Ivanovna learns that her prince has married a catholic woman, he is forced back to his home town for punishment. On his horrible journey back to Russia, he finds out his wife has suffered a sudden death, which deeply saddens him. But things only get worse when he realizes one of his punishments is to marry Avdotya, a common kitchen servant, and stay one night in the Ice Palace. Can Mikhail and Avdoyta stay alive, or will they parish in the frozen beauty of the Ice Palace?


THE ICE PALACE by Bill Haworth is a good historical read. If you love a great romance that takes place hundreds of years ago, this story will keep you enchanted. I had strong feelings for Mikhail the moment I read about him. He is a noble, caring gentleman who is extremely happy with his life. You can feel his love for everyone pop off the pages of the story. Then, when his life crumbles down around him and he experiences pain, I felt my heart break with him. Mr. Haworth is wonderful with his descriptions; you can picture the story perfectly in your head as you read along. I love how Mikhail tries to protect Avdotya from an untimely death of freezing along side him. Mikhail and Avdotya are complete opposites but are able to teach one other a thing or two about love. Mikhail is a prince with high standards and never looks at the lowly, unattractive woman. Avdotya is able to show him looks aren’t everything and that what’s inside a person counts too.

The end of the story has a peek at the future of these two that I loved seeing. Mr. Haworth, congratulations on this wonderful tale.


Becky Gaede



AUTHOR: Bill Haworth


PUBLISHER: The Dark Castle Lords


ISBN: 978-1-921347-47-4




RELEASE DATE: February 7 2008


GENRE: Romance/Historical


RATING: 4 Pixies