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The Love of Her Death by Luna Carrol

Donnice Jordan is having a normal and somewhat frustrating day waiting on the bus to take her to worka place she hates with a passion and co-workers she hates even more. She’s not good enough for them, but she knows if she’s late she will be fired. Then she meets a mysterious young woman who gives her a pass on the train ride of her life. Donnice has no idea that this trip will be her last, because she has entered the train to hell.


Collin is intrigued by the lovely Donnice Jordan the minute she steps onto his train. He has never known himself to be attracted to a woman or her soul before. Soon he finds himself doing whatever he can to protect her from the others that are damned on this train ride. Will Collin be able to protect her from the murderers and rapists on this train, or will her life end before she arrives at her destination?


THE LOVE OF HER DEATH by Luna Carrol is a maze of dark and twisted excitement. I had many feeling about this book; I started out a little confused about the back story, but the further I read the more I understood. I felt a powerful tug on my heart when I learned about Donnice’s story and her feelings about herself. I loved the sexual tension between Donnice and Collin; it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The secondary characters are amazing with their different twisted ways to kill and the different time periods. Several times in the story when she meets someone new and Donnice is thinking of having a sexual experience I was saying, "No, don’t trust them.” Ms. Carrol has a wonderful way of developing the characters so that right away you can tell there is going to be some type of big trouble. When I thought I had this book and the characters figured out, I was tossed in a different direction. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat craving more. I would love to read more from this author, and I’m led to believe that there may be another book in this series.


Becky Gaede


AUTHOR: Luna Carrol

PUBLISHER: Tease Publishing LLC

ISBN: 978-1-934678-19-0



GENRE: Erotic/Dark Fantasy

RATING: 4 Pixies



Undead Requiem by Adra Steia

The undead are emerging in Steia’s UNDEAD REQUIEM.  The whole state of Florida is bursting with zombies due to a chemical factory explosion.  The employees who work at the factory are the first to contact it and the first to spread it.  The explosion itself has made some sort of airborne disease that causes humans to become undead when they die.  The story is written from a mom’s point of view and it is from her vision that we find out what happens to her neighborhood and her family.  It opens up with her describing the zombies wandering outside and her reminiscing about her husband.  The reader finds out in the first paragraph that her husband is the first zombie that she has had to kill.  This story is not just only about zombies, but the survival of a mother trying to protect herself and her daughter. 


Steia’s short story will have you hiding behind a blanket.  She keeps readers engaged with this scary, intense tale and had me looking behind my shoulder for sounds in the dark.  There is a scene when the characters are sleeping and they wake up to a zombie looking at them in the window.  The reading is very simple and is very easy to picture what is going on.  You never find out what the main character’s name is, but within the story you find out that she is a strong woman who is tired and trying to figure out how to get away from this horrific situation with her daughter.  Steia doesn’t add anything new to the zombie world, but it still gave me the jitters.  The author seems to want us to feel exactly how the mother feels with providing as little to no information on the zombies.  We know just as much as she does on how they came about, how they operate, and what the government is doing about them.  The story is written like a journal, and then a fictional tale and doing so made it feel real and creepy.  Steia put a good chunk of gory details in this tale, so I do not recommend for the squeamish. I do wish the story was longer so she could put in more details, but the tempo never let go and the story is easy to follow.  The only huge problem I had with it is the end ties up a bit too neatly and it was anti-climatic.  It could use a bit more suspense and a less abrupt ending.  Not sure if this is a stand alone story or if the author actually will continue it.


Allie Ennis


AUTHOR: Adra Steia

PUBLISHER: Tease Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-934678-84-8






GENRE: Horror/Paranormal Elements


RATING: 3 Pixies